Lead delivery and account management

Your satisfaction and ease of use are our top concerns.

To manage your leads, we’ve designed and developed a bespoke lead management and delivery app with CRM connectors.

Our bespoke software provides leads which have been screened and graded, ensuring you’ll only receive leads with a high chance of generating a sale. Leads can be managed directly in our CRM system or delivered directly to your CRM system or by email.

To provide you with a real person behind it all, we assign a dedicated account manager to your business, ensuring you’re only supplied with high-quality prospects who offer a strong likelihood of making a sale.

Our software includes many advantages which will streamline your campaign:

  • Dispute resolution You have the opportunity to dispute a lead if you don’t believe it meets criteria.
  • Lead delivery We can deliver leads by email, directly into your CRM system or you can make use of our Hubspot CRM integration.
  • Lead filters Filter and order your leads by status, type and date range for efficient lead management.
  • Searchable database Search our rapid database by lead ID to quickly access leads records for data, notes and status changes.
  • Scheduling We can arrange for your leads to be delivered within certain days and times ensuring you have staff available to deal with them instantly.
  • Reporting As an optional extra and for no charge we can track the whole sales cycle of your lead offline to evolve your lead quality.

Our guarantee

We want you to be 100% satisfied.

Our promise to you guarantees that:

  • You’re supplied with proactive customers – they’re expecting a call from you.
  • Our bespoke CRM offers a secure online lead management and reporting tool.
  • Our leads are supplied in real-time to provide you with the best opportunity to increase your sales.
  • All of your leads are 100% exclusive to you – we’ll never resell them.

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